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__ |__|__ __| | Related article: In Harry dug, deeper and deeper into the cold hard earth, subsuming his grief in sweat, denying the pain in his scar. In the dark, with nothing but the sound of his own breathing Buy Phentermine 37 5 and the sea running her company, which reached the ' Malfoy had managed to hold, were the things I had heard about it flourished again, and the understanding in the dark... The steady rhythm of the beat n arms with their thoughts. relics... Horcruxes... relics... Horcruxes... but it is not so strange, Buy Phentermine 37 5 obsessive desire burned. loss and fear had extinguished it. felt like it was slapped awake again. deeper and deeper Harry sank into the grave, and he knew that Voldemort had tonight, and on top of dead cells and Nurmengard why... y thought of Wormtail, had died of a small unconscious impulse of mercy... Dumbledore had foreseen that... How much more would have known ? Harry the time forget about it. only knew that there was a degree of darkness brighter than wreturned by Ron and Dean. "How is Hermione? " "It's better," said Ron. "Fleur is to take care of it. " Harry had his reply ready when asked why not simply create a perfect grave with his wand, but he did not need it. She jumped into the hole he made ​​with his own shovel and worked together in silence, until the hole was deep enough. Harry wrapped the elf more snugly in his jacket. Ron sat on the edge of the grave and put on his shoes and socks, who settled in the elf's bare feet. Dean produced a woolen hat Harry carefully placed Dobby 's head and dropped his bat like ears. "We have to close my eyes. " Harry had not heard the others coming through the darkness. Bill was wearing a traveling cloak, Fleur a large white apron, his pocket, a bottle of what stood to be recognized Harry Skele -Gro. Hermione was in a borrowed cloak wrapped pale and unsteady on his Buy Phentermine 37 5 feet, Ron put his arm around her as she reached. Luna, who was curled up in a flower coats, was squat and gently put a finger on each of the eleven lids, push with the glassy stare. "No," he said quietly. Set " Now I could sleep. " Harry the elf into the grave, arranged his small member, so that he could be rested, then went out and took one last look at the little body. He forced himself not to break when Dumbledore funeral, and rows of chairs of gold, and the Minister of Magic in the first row, the recitation of memory achievements of Dumbledore, the dignity of the white marble tomb. He felt that Dobby deserved such a great funeral, and yet here the elf lay between bushes in a hole dug so. "I think it should say something," Luna said. " I'll go first, shall I? " Y as everyone looked at her, said the goblin dead at the bottom of the grave. "Thank you Dobby for rescuing me in the basement. It's so unfair that there Tuesand if they were so good and brave. I always remember what he did for us. I hope you're happy now. " turned around and looked up expecting to Ron, who cleared his throat and said hoarsely, " yes... thanks Dobby. "" Thanks, " Dean muttered. Harry swallowed. " Good bye Dobby, " he said, was all that could be overcome, but Luna had said it all for him. Bill raised his wand and the mounds of the tomb itself in the air and fell on his neat, small mound, reddish. " D ' mind and if I stay here a moment? "Asked the other. muttered the words did not understand, he was gentle pat. The back, and they are all traipsed back to the house, leaving Harry alone beside the elf n looked at around it. There were a number of large white stones, the gentle sea, which marks the edge of the flower beds, picked up one of the largest and put it, pillowlike, where Dobby 's head rested. felt in his pocket magic wand. there were two there. he had forgotten,lost track, I could not remember who it sticks, he seemed to remember how painful that from one source. He chose the shorter Buy Phentermine 37 5 of the two, he was friendly in his hand, and put it on the rocks. slowly, muttering under his leadership, deep cuts appeared on the surface of the rock. Hermione knew that could be done more cleanly and probably faster, but wanted the place because I wanted to make the excavation of the tomb. When Harry got up again, read the stone: Here lies Dobby, a Free Elf. saw his work for a few seconds, then walked away, the scar still tingling a bit, and a head full of things he had Buy Phentermine 37 5 entered the tomb, the ideas that took shape in the darkness, the ideas to the both fascinating and terrible. They sat in the room when he entered the small room, his attention to the bill, speaking concentrated. The room was bright, beautiful, burning with a small fire of driftwood in the light FiREPThe top. Harry did not want to drop the mud on the carpet, stood at the door and listened. "... The happiness that Ginny is on vacation. When I was at Hogwarts, could have been before they arrive. Now we know it is safe. " Looked around and saw Harry standing there. "Whenever I'm all out of the trench," he said. "You know it's moved to Muriel. The Death Eaters, Ron with you now, are obliged to apologize to the family of target - Don t, "' said the Buy Phentermine 37 5 sight of Harry's expression. "It was always a matter of time that his father had to say for months. We are the largest family of blood traitor there. " N " How do you protect ?" Asked Harry. "The secret of Fidelius Charm -. goalie and dad we have in this house, I'm Secret-Keeper here none of us can go to work, but that's not the most important thing Once Ollivander and Griphook good enough... , we will move on to Muriel. not much space here, but no much. Griphook F legs are on the mend. Skele -Gro leur is - probably will take an hour or - "" No, " Harry said and Bill looked surprised. " I need both here. I have to talk to them. It's important. "I could hear the authority of his own voice, the conviction that the voice of purpose that had come to him, as he dug Dobby 's grave. All faces turned to look confused. " I wash " Bill said Harry looked at his hands still covered in mud and blood Dobby. " Then I'll have to see them immediately. "He went to the kitchen, in the basin below a window overlooking the sea. Dawning on the horizon, shell pink and gold poor as it is cleaned and returned to the line of thought that occurred to him in the dark garden... Dobby would never be able to tell who sent him to the basement, but Harry knew what he had seen. with piercing blue eyes had seen in the fragment of mirror, and then had come to help. Help always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask,for them. Harry dried his hands, insensible to the beauty of the scene outside the window and the hum of the living room others. He looked at the sea and feel more closely this morning, as usual, closer to the heart of the whole. Y scar still itched, and I knew it was always Voldemort. Harry understood and yet do not understand. His instincts told him something, your brain is another. The Dumbledore in Harry's head smiled, surveying Harry over the tips of his fingers, clenched as if in prayer. Deluminator Ron gave... She understands... She gave him a ride... So understood Wormtail... You knew Buy Phentermine 37 5 it was a little regret, somewhere... And if you knew... What do you know me, Dumbledore? See Do you understand, but do not try ? Did you know how much I would feel? That's why we made ​​it so difficult? So I would have time to work ? Harry stood motionless, his eyes glazed over and saw the place where a bright goldend ray blazing sun rising over the horizon. Then he looked at his bare hands and was surprised a little time, he held the cloth to see them. That in the floor and entered the room, and when he did, he felt his scar pulse angrily, and then crossed his mind as soon as the reflection of a dragonfly on the water, the outline of a building he Buy Phentermine 37 5 knew very well. Bill and Fleur were at the foot of the stairs. "I have Buy Phentermine 37 5 to talk to Griphook and Ollivander, " Harry said. " No," said Fleur. "You ' ave to wait," Zey are tired of Arry -. " " sorry " he said, without heat," but I can not wait I need to talk to them privately and separated -... Is of urgency. "" Harry, what the hell is going on here ? "asked Bill. " You get here with a dead elf and half-conscious, goblin, Buy Phentermine 37 5 Hermione looks as if they were tortured and Ron simply refused to tell me -" "We can not say what I do," said Harry flatly. "You're at work, Bill, know Dumbledore has given us a task. We're not really talking about it to someone else. " Fleur made ​​an impatient noise, but Bill had not, he was watching his face deeply scarred Harry was hard to read Finally, Bill said.. " All right. Does anyone want to speak first? " Harry hesitated, knew what was hanging in his decision there was barely enough time, it was now time to decide.. ? Horcruxes or Hallows of the " Griphook, " Harry said. " I'll talk to Griphook first. " His heart raced as he would have had Sprint and had only one major hurdle cleared. " So far, then, "said Bill, the way. If Harry was going through several steps before stopping and look back. "I need you two as well," he told Ron and Hermione, who had been lurking half-hidden in the door of the room. both moved to the light and looked strangely relieved. "How are you ? " Harry asked Hermione. " They were amazing - come with this story, to do harm, that - gav " Hermioneea weak smile as Ron gave her a squeeze with one arm. "What we do now, Harry? " He asked. " You'll see. Come on. " Followed by Harry, Ron and Hermione Bill steep stairs to a small landing. Three doors opened. " Here," said Bill, opening the door to his room and Fleur, but also had a view of the sea, now flecked with gold in the sunrise. Harry walked to the window, his back to the spectacular view and waited, arms folded, his scar throbbing. Hermione took the seat beside the toilet, Ron sat on the arm. Bill again, using the pixie, which he placed carefully on the bed. Griphook grunted thanks and went Bill, closing the door on them. " sorry to have to get out of bed," said Harry. "How are your legs? " " painful," said the Goblin. was still holding the sword of Gryffindor, and wore a strange look, "but better. " Truculento half, half intrigued. Harry took the goblins pale skin, long slender fingers, eyes black. Fleur had taken off his shoes, his feet were always dirty. He was bigger than a house - Elf, but not much. His domed head was much bigger than a man. ", you may not remember - " Harry began.
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